Geomechanics modules

Geomechanics modules comprise a host of intuitive, easy-to-use software tools for optimal decision making and accurate assessment of geomechanical risks. There are instruments for building a mechanical earth model, getting insight into stress state and calculating wellbore stability; tools for quantifying formation overpressure, understanding allowable bottom hole pressures to prevent from sanding and assessing faults’ stability


Results of modules application
Reduces NPT during well construction
calculating wellbore stability and compiling a detailed geological risk map
Minimizes the risks of kick, well collapse and fluid loss
optimizing the trajectory and well design, selecting the optimal mud weight and honoring fracture limits
Increases the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing
selecting the best stimulation interval and calculating optimal proppant volumes without breaking into water-, gas-saturated intervals
Reduces risk of early water breakthrough
locating the injection wells based on formation stress direction
Extends life of well
preventing sanding in production
Improves production forecast
accounting for porosity and permeability changes due to reservoir depletion / injection

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