Issues to solve by petrophysical interpretation: 
  • Lithology differentiation
  • Stratigraphy well-to-well correlation
  • Pay zones identification 
  • Determine fluid types and reservoir quality discrimination 
  • Determination of porosity, permeability, saturation, fluid contacts, net pay zones. 
Our service help You to achieve
Cumulative production growth
due to well placement in the reservoir with the best reservoir properties
Oil recovery factor increase
due to minimization and control of water cone formation
Reduced costs for LWD devices
due to the ability to interact with any manufacturers of devices
Reduced well construction costs
by optimizing core testing programs and the required logging complex
Construction time reduction
due to the efficiency of final reports and decision-making preparation

Petrophysics services include:

1. Analysis of the current petrophysical model, if any. 

2. Logging data audit. 

  • Actual scope of work 
  • Log quality control, data inventory, depth shifting, harmonization. 
  • Audit conclusion, capability assessment to build correlation between core and log data, formation evaluation.  

3. Core data analysis  

  • Core measurement summary 
  • Depth shifting core to log data 
  • Analysis petrophysical parameters received in the process of core data audited entity control and check, included mineralogical analysis, porosity and permeability correlations, electrical and sonic properties etc. Result mostly depended on core measurement summary.
  • Lithology interpretation based on comparing log and core data.  
  • Estimate porosity, permeability, and saturation cutoff values 
  • Build correlations between core-core and core-log data. Correlations included facies and textural analysis, rock types and pore structure. 

4. Petrophysical integrated interpretation of core and production data. Shared petrophysical model based on core and log data. Expansion of interpretation model to standard logs. 

5. Integrated verification analysis of convergence results by core, flow and log data. 


Used software

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