Our consulting services, having built a huge experience in more than 16 countries across the globe, are able to offer wide range of required support, from geosteering and petrophysical interpretation analysis to geomechanical studies of any complexity.

We can help with engineering the best trajectory honoring the specific field geology, aimed to meet the wellbore-stability and well-performance requirements, maximizing well productivity with multistage hydraulic fracturing and delaying water breakthrough.

Reaching “sweet spots” for horizontal well drilling stage
Drillings risks reduction during predrill or drilling stages in real time
Targeting the well trajectory along with the most productive parts of the formation
Projects preparation for a well construction with all the engineering calculations and real time support
We facilitate
Overall well
time reduction
Initial and cumulative
production rate
Oil recovery
factor increase
Drilling risks
time elimination
Life of well
Advanced EOR
(enhanced oil recovery methods)
costs reduction
LWD devices
cost optiization

Drilling risks reduction, well planning and completion programs

1. Predrill wellbore stability as a basis for mud, drilling, cementing, and completion programs
2. Logging program and core analysis
3. Optimal trajectory

  • Trajectory and Well Design optimization
  • Selection best depth for sidetracking
  • Selection the mud type and weight per section
  • Allowable annular pressure limits while drilling and cementing
  • Elaboration of the fit-for-purpose logging program
  • BHA optimization (LWD/MWD)
  • Well planning based on reservoir properties
  • Core testing program optimization
  • Optimized trajectory prior to drilling
  • Drilling without pilot holes
  • Hydraulic, engineering estimations etc



Real time recommendations and decision making

1. Improve drilling effectiveness
2. Real time petrophysical interpretation
3. Keeping the well within sweet spot

  • Borehole condition control (stability and cleaning)
  • Maintain optimal mud parameters, ECD monitoring and control
  • Recommendations on drilling, tripping, circulation, etc based on stability calculation and actual wellbore conditions
  • Key data to perform trajectory corrections in RT
  • Position the well to maximize production and control of deposit inundation
  • Maximizing Net-to-Gross and dealing with geological heterogeneity
  • No need to drill pilot hole
  • Fluid contacts control
  • Drilling in challenging geological formations (Fault control)


After Drilling
After Drilling

Model updating for future wells. Field development optimization.

1. Best practices development. Borehole stability as a basis for effective stimulation
2. Final log interpretation. Core testing
3. Geologic model update and actualization

  • Develop and adhere to best drilling practices
  • Completion optimization
  • Advanced hydraulic fracturing modeling
  • Compaction and 3D modeling
  • Sand control
  • Fault stability / Cap integrity
  • Waste disposal / Gas storage
  • Formation evaluation (porosity, oil/gas saturation, building petrophysical model)
  • Definition and control WOC / GOC
  • Control of water content
  • Structural and geologic models update
  • Improving the predrill planning for next well


Success projects
west-siberia, Russia. Drilling in unconventional reservoir - фото - 1
West-Siberia, Russia. Drilling in unconventional reservoir
  • Drilling the first horizontal wells in the Bazhen – Abalak formations 
  • Steering the well into the sweet spot  
  • Minimizing drilling risks and NPT 
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volga region, Russia. First extended reach drilling in region - фото - 1
Volga region, Russia. First extended reach drilling in region.
  • Drilling of the first ERD well in the region with complex tectonics including rock properties anisotropy, presence of salt and reactive shale.  
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mayabeque Province, Cuba. Cap rock integrity and WBS - фото - 1
Mayabeque Province, Cuba. Cap rock integrity and WBS
  • Improvement of the drilling efficiency and optimal well operations for the first horizontals targeted at M formation   
  • Evaluation of the expected long-term thermal effect on rocks’ behavior. 
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