Our company provides both a project preparation service for a well construction with all calculations performed at the well planning stage, and directional drilling services with the presence of personnel at the drilling site during the drilling process.
Our service help You to achieve:
Complete preparation  
of a Well Design program
Improving key performance indicators
through integration with other services (geosteering, petrophysics, geomechanics, drilling support) as well as through the analysis of incidents
Reduced NPT
during well construction for well planning
Increasing the rate of well construction 
at the field by timely control and drilling parameters and hole cleaning monitoring
Increasing process efficiency
Drilling support through the use of a single platform for data analysis and storage and for performing all necessary calculations

Tasks to be solved 

Drawing up a drilling program, a well construction project  

Based on a set of engineering calculations in WellExpert web-software (designing a wellbore profile, drilling hydraulics, torque and drag, bottom hole assembly and casing design, cementing program),  a drilling program is compiled. Collaboration with other company’s software, Base of Design projects for the construction of wells for various purposes can be done. 

Drilling String Design 

Selection of bits, downhole motors and rotary-steerable systems, measurements and logging while drilling tools are carried out on the basis of engineering calculations, modeling and data from offset wells drilled, geological information and customer goals, which allows to increase the rate of penetration and reduce the time and cost of well construction. 

Directional Drilling 

Our directional drilling engineers ensure precise well path trajectory following within target interval, working with geosteering engineers in sections for production casing and liner. Extensive experience in both deep wells drilling and sidetracking to enhance oil recovery. 

Quality control of measurements and logs, anti-collision practices, real-time acquisition of downhole information and its qualitative interpretation is a priority in the long term cooperation with client. 

24/7 Drilling support services 

The service aims to increase drilling efficiency through monitoring, analysis of information received from the rig and timely decision-making throughout the entire well construction cycle. 

Used software 



Drilling Optimizer


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