Being engaged in both consulting and software development, we gain the necessary knowledge about understanding the competencies necessary for effective project management. Therefore, we have developed various course programs designed for both an audience with a basic level of knowledge and an advanced level of discipline.
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Olga Tatur
Head of Petrophysics Department, Moscow
Olga has graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. She has worked in various industry directions, such as mud logging, geomechanics, petrophysics since 2007. Olga completed more than 20 projects on 1D- 3D geomechanical modeling for wellbore stability, pore-pressure prediction and reservoir geomechanics.
Petrophysics experience include the interpretation of logging in an open and cased hole, including special logging methods, processing core test results, preparation of reports for State Commission for Reserves of Commercial Minerals. Olga is an author of SPE technical papers, a member of program committee of SPE 2020 conference, and an instructor for petrophysics discipline course.
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Kamilla Chettykbayeva
Geomechanics Discipline Lead, Moscow
Kamilla has worked in the oil & gas industry in geomechanics, geology & drilling disciplines for the last 10 years. She worked and supervised various consulting projects linking geomechanics to wellbore stability, pore-pressure prediction, reservoir geomechanics and unconventional reservoirs.
She has also led the consulting & real-time geomechanics projects for Russia and Caspian Region since 2013. She is an author of SPE technical papers and a mentor/instructor for Geomechanics training. She has received an M.Sc (Petroleum Engineering) degree from Polytechnical University of Turin, Italy in 2011. Kamilla is the author of SPE technical papers and an instructor for geomechanics discipline course.
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Ruslan Melikov
Head of Business Development, Tyumen
Ruslan has graduated from Novosibirsk State University. Since 2005 has been working in different areas of oil and gas industry: G&G, borehole seismic and geomechanics. Performed more than 50 projects building 1D-4D geomechanical models for onshore and offshore fields providing solutions to reduce drilling/completion risks, to optimize pads and well placement, reservoir performance, and to assess geomechanics related risks. Provided integration of geomechanics study results in field development study.
Took part in the development of methods and adaptation of algorithms, existing approaches for geomechanical modeling of complex reservoirs, preparation of technical tasks and resource planning. Managed projects and provided expert support for international clients. Ruslan is the author of scientific articles of the society of petroleum engineers (SPE) and VAK journals, conducts training and couching of personnel in geomechanics and field development.
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Evgeny Korelsky
Geomechanics Chief Engineer, Tyumen
Evgeny has graduated from Arkhangelsk State University in Reservoir Engineering. Since 2008 he has been working in different areas of oil and gas industry like drilling, logging while drilling and geomechancis. Evgeny performed more than 30 projects including full scope of services from 1D to 4D geomechanical modelling for wide range of applications in onshore and offshore fields.
He worked on integrated multidisciplinary projects (geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, geophysics, drilling, and completion), performed for solving tasks for field development and well operations; on planning, support, monitoring, and interpretation of routine and advanced measurements for geomechanics, including preparation real time and wireline logging, mechanical core testing, stress tests, etc. He participates in software development and adoption process. Evgeny provides training on geomechanics disciple.
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Artem Krasnikov
Geomechanics Engineer, Tyumen
Artyom has graduated from Novosibirsk State University. He has many years of experience in geophysical exploration. Since 2017 he has been working in geomechanics department.
He release more than 10 projects on 1D-3D geomechanical modeling to solve a wide range of tasks, such as drilling optimization, stimulation and well operation, evaluating the effectiveness of alternative hydraulic fracturing methods, stimulation, assessing earth surface deformation, developing algorithms for inverting earth surface deformation data. Artyom is the author of SPE technical articles and an instructor for geomechanics discipline courses.
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Temirlan Zhekenov
Geomechanics Engineer, Moscow
Temirlan has graduated from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Since 2019 has been working in the direction of geomechanics.
He completed more than 10 projects on 1D geomechanical modeling to solve a wide range of problems for hydrocarbon deposits, which included drilling optimization, development of algorithms for assessing stress conditions when planning a drilling and completion strategy, development and improvement of geomechanical software, testing, research and implementation of new technologies. Temirlan is the author of SPE technical articles and gives a course in the discipline of geomechanics.
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Anton Ocheretyanyy
Head of Well Engineering Department, Moscow
Anton has graduated from Kazan Federal University. Since 2009 he has worked at various oil and gas industry segments: seismic acquisition, logging while drilling and directional drilling, geomechanics, well engineering. He was involved in over 20 1D-4D geomechanical modeling projects for drilling and field development purposes.
He has extensive experience in carrying out such tasks as optimization of well drilling, real-time drilling support monitoring, operational decisions to eliminate risks and consequences of incidents, engineering computations for drilling. Anton is a speaker at SPE technical sessions and an instructor for drilling courses.
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Alexey Zinoviev
Head of Integrated Services, Tyumen
Alexey has graduated from Novosibirsk State University. Since 2013 he is engaged in the fields of geomechanics and drilling support. His experience covers full cycle of geomechanics modeling (1D, 3D, pore pressure prediction), real-time geomechanics support of well drilling including ERD, planning drilling risks prevention and mitigation measures.
Currently is coordinating development of digital platform for complex drilling support, and application of machine learning algorithms to automatically determine and forecast hazardous situations during process of well construction. Alexey is the author of technical artickles for SPE. He gives courses on integrated service approach while drilling support.
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Ilnar Sabirov
Geosteering and Geomechanics Engineer, Moscow
Ilnar has graduated from Bashkir State University (M.Sc. Physics). Since 2009 he has been working in the areas of core research, geosteering and geomechanics of appraisal, ERD and horizontal wells. He participated in the successful geological support of drilling more than 350 horizontal and ERD wells in real time in more than 30 fields in Western Siberia.
Ilnar has experience in geosteering wells in clastic and carbonate reservoirs, complex unconventional reservoirs, horizontal wells with multistage fracturing. He has extensive experience in geological support for complex projects - fields with widespread tectonic faults, lenses and wedges. He teaches a course in the discipline of geosteering.
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Ivan Starostin
Geosteering Manager, Tyumen
Ivan has graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Mining University. Since 2014 he has been working in the well placement directional and horizontal wells. He participated in the geosteering in real time more than 500 wells in more than 40 fields of the West Siberian, Timan-Pechora and Volga-Ural oil and gas provinces.
Ivan has experience in geosteering wells for carbonate and terrigenous formations, including tight oil, wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. He teaches a course in the discipline of geosteering.
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