GeoTensor is a software dedicated to comprehensive modeling of oil & gas field mechanical behavior in 3D space. Stress & strain tensors computation algorithm is based on finite element method. In
addition, GeoTensor contains modules that allow to build and process 3D models of rock physical properties using deterministic and stochastic methods.

GeoTensor has a set of tools that allow an engineer to use a 3D geomechanical model for field development: for solids production prevention, fault stability analysis, data preparation for hydrofracturing simulation, etc.


Technology effects
Get complete information about the loads (stresses)
distribution throughout the field volume taking into account geological structure and physical properties heterogeneity
Conduct the wellbore stability analysis
design the optimum well path and casing program in terms of wellbore mechanical stability
Quantitatively estimate the risks
of unstable faults, prepare the drilling and development programs according to this estimation
Prevent the accidents during drilling
stuck pipe, BHA loss, blowout, etc.
Prevent the damage caused
by uncontrolled solids production
Decrease the non-productive time
during well construction and field development

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