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Software platform Geonaft designed to operate the whole range of issues arising in any way connected with well site construction engineering and technical maintenance for drilling vertical, deviated or horizontal wells.

Geonaft has association with functional blocks from different disciplines: changing some parameters leads to updating of dependent parameters. For example, after changing well trajectory in geosteering model you can see automatically updates in geomechanics models. 

Included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases
Achieving maximum penetration within the target formation when drilling directional and horizontal wells
Determination of trunk stability, prevention of drilling risks when reservoir pressure changes over time
Real-time operational and final interpretation of GIS data for a more efficient location of the wellbore
The module is used directly while drilling process, when data is being loaded in real time through the WITSML channel or historical data is downloaded for analysis. 

Technology effects
Adjust the well profile
for geological, petrophysical and geomechanical events
Maximizing the length
of the well in pay zones
Cost-benefit optimization are increased
through the application of appropriate well placement techniques during the design stage
Bring down NPT
and therefore reduce costs on well design by using risk and complications maps  
Increase cumulative hydrocarbon production
by the optimization hydraulic fracturing design and reduce total cost of the well

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