Abnormal pore pressure prediction - preventing the risks of reservoir fluids kicks.

Advanced PP Modules (pore pressure prediction) allows to make abnormal pore pressure prediction based on drilling data (d-exponent) and well log data (acoustic and resistance logging) to: 

  • Calculate the minimum required drilling mud density 
  • Determine the depth of the abnormal pore pressure zone beginning 
  • Choose the best depth to descend the casing shoe

Pore pressure is a mandatory element of any 1D geomechanical model. It is directly related to the calculation of effective medium stresses that control the rock deformation and failure. The Pore Pressure module is convenient to calculate the vertical stress (lithostatic pressure), in case of density logging absence there are options for restoring the missing data. Methods are available for calculating abnormal pore pressure, caused by clay decompression, basin discharge and tectonic uplift. It is possible to calculate and analyze pore pressure in real time during drilling. 

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