Proprietary solutions

We deploy self-designed in-house software for oil & gas field development

We provide training courses on engineering disciplines as well as software usage
This digital platform allows to create geosteering, geomechanics and petrophysics modelling as well as to provide drilling supervising in real time mode.
Carrying out engineering calculations necessary for drawing up a project for well construction and project assessment
3D geomechanical modeling for oil & gas field development
Allows you to reduce NPT during well construction and field development
Our in-house design advantages
Oil and Gas field development at all stages
The platform allows to work out any stage of field development process
System modularity
The user can select functionality required for specific tasks
The system enables combination of various commands in the process of field development on the same platform
Remote control
The platform allows to control well construction from any part of the world
All data formats
The platform permits to import data of any format from third-party systems
Models of different systems are automatically updated upon data modification or new data coming-in
Real Time mode update
The data gets into system in real time mode, that allows to quickly adjust the process
Expedite reporting
The system provides for convenient forms of reporting
Success projects
west-siberia, Russia. Drilling in unconventional reservoir - фото - 1
West-Siberia, Russia. Drilling in unconventional reservoir
  • Drilling the first horizontal wells in the Bazhen – Abalak formations 
  • Steering the well into the sweet spot  
  • Minimizing drilling risks and NPT 
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volga region, Russia. First extended reach drilling in region - фото - 1
Volga region, Russia. First extended reach drilling in region.
  • Drilling of the first ERD well in the region with complex tectonics including rock properties anisotropy, presence of salt and reactive shale.  
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mayabeque Province, Cuba. Cap rock integrity and WBS - фото - 1
Mayabeque Province, Cuba. Cap rock integrity and WBS
  • Improvement of the drilling efficiency and optimal well operations for the first horizontals targeted at M formation   
  • Evaluation of the expected long-term thermal effect on rocks’ behavior. 
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