1D Geomechanics

Full description of geomechanical rock properties, pore pressure and rock stresses – is the base to drilling and completion optimization.

The «1D Geomechanics» module allows to perform calculations of rock elastic-strength properties, pore pressure and stresses profiles for both drilled and planning wells. The calculation results are input information for Wellbore Stability, Hydraulic Fracturing Planning, Sand Prediction and Fault Stability. The user can: 

  • Calculate the Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and Bio constant 
  • Build a complete rock strength cartificate 
  • Effectively link well log data and core testing results 
  • Evaluate reservoir stresses and their directions 
  • Perform the necessary calibration calculations 

The module provides a wide range of built-in calculation algorithms, as well as the ability to enter user equations through the calculator using. It is possible to account for reservoir depletion, as well as calculate thermal loads. To restore the current stress state, we recommend using advanced Stress Analysis Module

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