Wellbore stability

Successful drilling with geological risk management through better understanding Well Stability window 

The «Wellbore Stability» module allows to perform the wellbore stability window calculations or in another words a combined graph of reservoir pressure and rock breakout, mud losses pressure and hydraulic fracturing using the results of a 1D geomechanical model building. Based on the planning well calculations, it is possible to: 

  • Choose the optimal drilling mud weight 
  • Determine the equivalent circulating density based on mud loss analysis 
  • Optimize the well trajectory and design 

In the module different rock failure criteria are available – Coulomb-Mohr, Modified Lade and Mogi-Coulomb. It is possible to analyze the sensitivity to changes in the well trajectory, rock properties and stress anisotropy. During real-time conducting geomechanical drilling support, all calculations are updated in real time when new logging data is received via the WITSML channel. 

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