Drilling Optimizer

Drilling Optimizer is digital software designed to prevent hazardous situation and reduce time and money consumption for well drilling. Product includes all the necessary tools for complex support of well construction process. 

Main feature of the platform is application of Machine Learning and Big Data analysis algorithms to predict drilling risks. Using hybrid modeling (statistical and physico-mathematical approaches) allows the operator to confidently interpret drilling data and proactively detect variations of main parameters which could result in catastrophic complications. 

Technology effects
Reducing well construction time and preventing hazardous situations
through application machine learning and big data analysis
Reducing NPT
due to complex approach to plan, support and analyze well construction process
Minimizing the human factor
through automatic collection and storage of all the data created during well drilling
Increasing technical and economic
performance indicators
as a result of well construction optimization in real time
Increasing efficiency of real-time
drilling monitoring process
due to utilization of integrated platform to collect and analyze every data flow generated during well construction and to perform required calculations

Main functions  

  • One digital platform to Integrate every data flow generated during well construction process, unique “smart” data base with algorithm of text recognition
  • Algorithms of Machine Learning and Big Data analysis to build self-learning models of drilling issues prediction
  • Automatic preparing of reports and statistics on drilling data analysis to minimize hand work
  • Visualization of collected data (calculations, text reports, LOGs etc.) including drilling mechanics data gathered in real-time via WITSML-client


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