The product was designed to plan reservoir stimulation by hydraulic fracturing method on geomechanics and petrophysics model, that was built in Geonaft Software or imported from other sources.

Module is based on Planar3D approach in order to calculate single- or multistage reservoir stimulation operations. The user can utilize injection schedule generator and fracture geometry optimization algorithm to enhance well production.

As a result, the user obtains 2D fractures profiles and a variety of time plots. Also, the user obtains quick and simple single flow stimulated well productivity calculation. All results could be exported in configurated report.

Technology effects
Hydrocarbons recovery rate increase
due to optimization of hydraulic fracture parameters (EOR)
Hydraulic fracturing cost reduction
due to well productivity quick evaluation and iterated selection of a hydraulic fracturing designs
Hydraulic fracturing model enhancement
through tight integration with geomechanical modeling modules



FracSolver workflow may be divided by several steps:

  • Geomachanics, petrophysics and well design data gathering 
  • Fracture toughness and leakoff coefficient calculation 
  • Intellectual pump schedule generation 
  • Hydraulic fracture simulation and geometry optimization
  • Well productivity express-estimation by single-phase flow calculation


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