Stress Analysis

To build a 1D geomechanical model and calculate wellbore stability, all three main stresses are required, and there is still no method for directly measuring the maximum horizontal stress. The module allows to significantly improve the knowledge of the current stress regime by combining detailed well data and regional tectonic information. The results of calculations are:

  • Reservoir stress regime (normal, strike-slip or reverse)
  • The stresses quantitative ratio
  • Stress direction
  • Improved reliability of the determined wellbore stability window
Walls breakout azimuth of inclined and vertical wells, the breakouts width, the values of hydraulic fracturing pressure and fracture closure pressure during extended leak-off tests ( LOT/XLOT) - all this carries information about near-field and far-field reservoir stresses. The module allows to solve inverse problems in each of the three methods to obtain the most reliable results about the stress state of the rock array.
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