Sand prediction

The «Sand Prediction» module allows to choose optimal strategy to struggle with sand production during operations of the oil & gas fields, composed of fragile weakly cemented rocks. The risk of sand production is understood as wellbore wall damage, when rock particles are separated and move inside the well, which can lead to a decrease in oil production, equipment erosion, and environmental pollution. The input information for assessing the sand production risk is a calibrated 1D geomechanical model, the granulometric composition of the reservoir, and the well completion information.

Based on the calculations, it is possible to:

  • Determine whether the well will show sand production
  • Determine the maximum allowable depression in which there is no sand production
  • Optimize the direction of horizontal wells drilling
  • Improve the perforation strategy (orientation, type)
  • Assess at which reservoir depletion there is no safe depression and mechanical sand protection systems are required

The module allows to perform the sensitivity of the sand production risk to different parameters (stress anisotropy, wellbore diameter, well inclination, perforation azimuth).

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