Zyfra & Geonaft are the sponsors of SPE key sessions

Zyfra & Geonaft are the sponsors of SPE key sessions
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Between October 26 and 29, 2020, the SPE Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference is taking place online. We'll be playing an active role as a sponsor of key plenary sessions as well as broadcasting the main sessions from Zyfra's office. We’ll have a separate virtual stand on the conference site, where we will conduct product demonstrations while happily providing answers to all your questions.

Our participation also includes in program events:

▪️ October 26, from 10:00 to 11:30

Igor Bogachev will speak at the plenary session “Innovations: from idea to practice”.

During the session, experts will share their experiences on introducing innovations within their companies, share what the selection process includes and how successful technologies are scaled up. In addition, participants will discuss how research centers interact with manufacturing, how companies support inventors and innovators, and what platforms exist for technology transfer.

Also planned are 8 reports from "GEONAFT" experts:

▪️ October 26

— 15:30: "Typification of rocks and digital model creation of Jurassic deposits from one of the fields in Western Siberia to refine the geological model."

▪️ October 27

— 12:15: "Development of algorithms for analyzing large data sets when drilling wells - features, limitations, basic rules."

— 13:40: "Features of stress state determination according to imaging data in fractured limestone of the Boca de Jaruco deposit."

▪️ October 28

— 11:55: "Optimization of well construction by predicting pore pressure during drilling in the West Yurkharovskoye field"

— 14:35: "Metrological support of the geomechanical model".

▪️ October 29

— 12:15 pm: "Recommendation development for optimizing the planning of work on testing core samples for mechanical properties."

— 15:25: "Reducing accidents during mine construction using geomechanical modeling."

— 14:10: "Algorithm optimization for calculating stress and strain tensors when building a 3D geomechanical model of the field."

Detailed program.

Go to the SPE Russian Petroleum Technical Conference page and stay tuned.


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