“Geonaft" version 3.7: what's new?

“Geonaft" version 3.7: what's new?
In October 2020, we presented a new version of the Geonaft software package - version 3.7.
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In October 2020, we presented a new version of the Geonaft software package - version 3.7. The update includes a new module, "Drilling control", an added "Crossplot" tool and expanded functionality of other modules and sections.
Here are some of the new innovations and improvements included in Geonaft 3.7:

We've added a new "Drilling control" module to support drilling in real time:
 * processing time related data,
 * transition from time data to depth data,
 * synchronization of technological and geological parameters.

We've created the "Crossplot" tool for building correlation dependences:
 * work in single-well and multi-well modes,
 * multi-level data filtering by zones,
 * building trend lines of various types and storing correlation equations.

We've expanded data loader capabilities:
 * the ability to load a dataset with a file name,
 * loading data by time.

We've added functionality relating to zones and intervals:
 * visualization and work with intervals of lithology, stratigraphy, saturation, complications during drilling, etc.,
 * graphical editing of zones and intervals directly from a tablet,
 * loading zones and intervals from a file.

We've created a BHA editor:
* to create new and edit existing BHA profiles,
* to use a BHA in the calculations of the Drilling Control module

We've expanded the functionality of the "Drilling parameters" module:
 * parameter output by time,
 * display the current operation active on the well.

Each update of our Geonaft software package opens up new opportunities for the implementation of workflows. You can find a full presentation of the new version in your personal account and we'll be happy to receive your feedback on this new innovation; write to us at info@geonaft.ai or leave a review via the feedback form on the geonaft.ai website.


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